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William Blank: Bill has over 40 years of experience in the injection molding industry with his experience ranging from designing and building injection molds, to tool room management, to the successful start-up and resale of a molding company. During this tenure, he was involved in such products as the Polaroid SX70 camera and was instrumental in launching the HD+ connector for Teradyne Connection Systems. In 1985, with a partner, Bill started Bestek, Inc., a custom injection molding company located in Amherst, NH and then Nashua. In 1990, Bestek was sold to Mija Industries and Bill was retained to assist Mija in the development of the “univalve”. The univalve is a one-piece assembly which incorporates a pressure gauge into a plastic housing which is then assembled onto a fire extinguisher canister. The univalve is now patented and sold worldwide.

Waynne Froman: Waynne has over 30 years of experience in every operational aspect of injection molding having managed several molding shops prior to starting APP. Waynne has an extensive electrical and mechanical background that directly benefits APP’s machine optimization and utilization. He also has vast knowledge and experience in thermoplastic processing, product and mold design and plant management. Over the years, Waynne’s plant management responsibilities ranged from an 8-machine, 30-employee molder of medical products to a 21-machine, $10MM molding division of Precise Technology, a supplier of molded products to the office supply, cosmetic and consumer related industries. Waynne was instrumental in the design and implementation of ISO 9000 quality systems at Precise Technology. Waynne also possesses a great understanding of computers and computer programming that resulted in the development of a fully integrated computer program for production scheduling, raw material procurement, inspection paperwork and quote modeling for APP.

Joel Beaudette: A graduate of the University of Lowell with an MBA from Rivier College, Joel has over 28 years of industrial sales and management experience in the injection molding industry. As Northeast Regional Sales Manager for Orbis Corporation, Joel increased sales in New England by over 200% in his first two years and was among the top producers in sales over his 7+ years. Orbis is a leading manufacturer of injection molded containers and pallets to the food, automotive and manufacturing industries. Joel also has many years of custom injection molding experience having served as Sales Manager for Mija Precision prior to starting APP. Mija was a custom injection molder of precision plastics servicing such industries as electronic, medical, industrial and consumer. Joel’s ability to focus on customer needs and his relationship based approach have contributed to his success over the years.


“We greatly appreciate the way the production and inventory has been/is being managed.  It only creates opportunity for both companies.  Looking forward to another great year.”

Melissa -Bronx, NY



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