Where the plastic meets your vision.

Injection molding is where your product design becomes reality. APP’s plant houses state-of-the-art injection molding machines manned by highly skilled technicians. Our machines range in size from 35-ton to 310-ton, equipped with sprue pickers and end-of-arm tooling where necessary. We offer experience with a variety of commodity and engineering grade resins including high temperature and reinforced materials for components that require dimensional stability. We match the most cost-effective means of production with each part and design for automation wherever possible so the savings can be passed on directly to our customers.

  • Machines 35-ton to 310-ton
  • Continuous process monitoring
  • Lights out, 24/7 operation
  • Insert molding, thermoplastic elastomer molding, over-molding, foam molding
  • Oil based heaters for high temperature materials
  • Sprue pickers with end-of-arm tooling
  • Automated resin loading and auxiliary equipment
  • Gravimetric color feeders
  • Commodity and engineering grade resins
  • High performance engineering resins
  • Short, medium and long runs
  • Secondary operations


“We have been doing business with APP for over 20 years.  The reason for this long term relationship is not an accident,  it’s based on quality, trust and respect.  The products they supply us are high quality, we can trust their delivery dates and we are always treated with respect.  We value this vendor relationship and the positive impact it has had on the success of our company.”

Abby -Saco, ME



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